Friday, August 19, 2005

A Visit to Ontario: Aug 3-9, 2005 (Part One)

After meeting up with Val & the kids in Canmore, we braved the ravages of a flight to Ontario... and survived (barely). We stayed at Charlie & Bev's in Ottawa on either end of the trip, and spent the other days out at Val's grandfather's farm. Elijah loved the farm, and the tractors, and riding on the 4-wheeler with daddy, and throwing sticks in the stream...

It was great to meet Val's grandpa: at 94 he is just now leaving the farm for a retirement appartment in Perth. Val hadn't been back for a long time, not properly since she was 11.

The pictures are of us in Perth (where we stayed at a B&B), at the farm, out for pancakes at Wheeler's (a maple sugar operation near the farm, and at Charlie & Bev's place).


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