Sunday, August 21, 2005

Delving in the photo archives

We have a large number of family pics that haven't seen much circulation - mostly because of busy-ness or a reluctance to overload emails with attachments. So, I think I will pick out the best of them and periodically post them (in no particular chronological order). These pics are from right around the time Davin was born in March.

Davin in her hospital bassinet

Davin's homecoming. If you look closely you can see that Elijah has a hospital band on as well. Daddy had a band, mommy had a band, and Baby Davin had a band, so it was no surprise that Elijah wanted one too!

Davin having a nap at home. For the first few weeks, Val & I lived downstairs in our back room and Davin slept in this bassinet. Val wasn't able to go up stairs due to her C-section.

My friends Carolyn and Hannah (with little Claudia) came to visit us not long after we came home.

Elijah playing outside. He would dig into any dirt he could find with his toy digger. As a treat for him, I built a sandbox not long after Davin was born.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nan here;
Anxious to have an update and to see photos of our visit and current ones.
Nov. 25th,2005

1:53 PM  

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