Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sheldon's Playhouse

We have been lent a very special playhouse, one built for my dear cousin Sheldon Paul near the end of his battle with leukemia. Elijah fell in love with it on a visit, and a while ago it arrived on a flatbed truck equipped with a small crane and landed in our front yard. In this day and age of construction overload, it is no small matter to book a large crane. Last weekend we finally arranged for one large enough to get it over our house (they don't seem to go in for alleys much around here).

If the initial arrival was exciting, this was positively beyond the 3 year-old mind: a HUGE CRANE comes and LIFTS THE PLAYHOUSE UP IN THE AIR and OVER MY HOUSE into the backyard AND AND AND ...

Davin, meanwhile, watched daddy in the backyard directing the crane operator with a cordless phone. She didn't even notice that a small house descending from the sky was even slightly unusual. This is despite Elijah's best efforts to convince her of its MOMENTOUS, LIFE-CHANGING implications with a breathless running commentary.

Nature seems to be winning over nurture on this one.


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