Thursday, December 08, 2005

Return to the land of Blog

It's been two months to the day since my last post - and I really should be working, not blogging. This time of year is the season for reflecting on the true meaning of giving while trying to slog through a pile of marking. Still, the dearth of postings has been niggling at me for a while, and I'm guessing my readership has dwindled recently. Well, in true election-season style, I'll attempt to woo you back after a season of mediocre performance. And what better way than to return to the very bedrock of my support base, and put up exactly what the viewing public (i.e. Nana and Grandma) want to see! So, without much further comment, here's what you've all been waiting for...

This well may be the best picture of the two of them together to date. It required a fast shutter speed to actually capture Elijah in the same frame as Davin...

Davin is now an accomplished self-supporting sitter-upper, but she is resisting learning how to crawl, despite mommy's encouragement. Daddy is more of the opinion to enjoy this (non-mobile) stage for as long as possible. Being able to sit means that Davin now thoroughly loves splashing in the tub.

The seasons are changing out here - and the cooler weather requires warmer (cuter?) clothing for Davin.

Elijah and Daddy went jumping in leaf piles at the park one day - and Elijah was so taken with the experience that a small pile on our deck was a source of amusement for a while.

It actually did snow here not long ago- and Elijah and Daddy went out to play in it together. We scraped together a snowman, which Elijah, in the true spirit of anatomical correctness, decided needed a "penis." Later though, he also decided that the snowman "had a baby in its tummy". So, it seems freshman anatomy might have to wait a year or two.

Elijah and the "snowman/woman/thing/whatever".


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