Sunday, June 04, 2006

A Happy 3rd Birthday for Elijah

Elijah had his 3rd birthday on May 31. We celebrated with a party the day before. This "double birthday" seems to have confused Elijah somewhat - for a few days afterwards every morning he would say "It's my birthday?" Or, maybe he was just hoping he could cash in again...

Kema, Nathaniel and Zach made the trek out, as did the shack o' Thack (Joanna, Taylor, Jackson and wee baby Kya). Your effort was greatly appreciated!

The gift opening was in the backyard - to maximize proximity to the sandbox.

Kema and Nathaniel

Joanna and Kya

Jackson gets into serious construction mode

Val made a special cake in the shape of "Scoop" from Bob the Builder for the party.

The kids all decorated their own cupcakes...

... and then devoured them. I hear the chocolate goatee is "in" these days.

Happy third, son! We love you!


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