Friday, July 14, 2006

Party at the Paul's

It just so happened that the Paul's had a get-together on the 5th of July, and we made the trek out to Abbotsford to join the fun. It was a nice way to celebrate my 32nd (yes, I'm getting old) birthday. This year I got "old" cards for the first time - and not just one, either! Thanks for such a nice cake, even without the strawberries detussen (sp?).

Al, Margriet, Shawna & kids (Blake, Kaylie and Troy) were there to represent the Notenbomers/Horns; John, Joanne, Karen & Reuben were there for the Pauls, and we were there to make a showing for the Venemas. Reuben also had a his longtime friend Robbie over - both Reuben and Robbie were great with the kids - thanks guys! Elijah made sure to include you both in his "thank-you to Jesus" time before bed. :o) All the kids were AMAZING too- it was such a pleasant and relaxed evening. It was great to see Kaylie and Troy for the first time too.

Here are some pics (in no particular order, and without comment)- it's late and I may spruce this entry up a bit later. Nite nite!


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