Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A Day for Davin

It may just be second-child empathy, but it seems to me that Davin has been getting somewhat short shrift with the photos on our blog. So, here's a selection of recent pics of our darling girl!

It's so easy to get a big smile from her, especially when I've just come home from work!

Every now and then I try to get a photo of her where she's not smiling. We've started to put her up in a high chair, and I think she's enjoying being at Elijah's level during mealtimes.

Tonight was Davin's first experience of solid food - some rice cereal. It was so much fun to watch her reaction to the sensation of a new taste & texture. Davin warmed up to the idea pretty quickly - trying to jam a cereal-laden spoon into her mouth on her own - with only partial accuracy! I'm hoping this is a sign that we will have two good eaters...


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