Thursday, May 31, 2007

The trip of a (4 year old's) lifetime!

This past weekend we had a wonderful trip on the Whistler Mountaineer - "Uncle Peter's" luxury train trip from Vancouver to Whistler. This was a very special treat from the Armstrong clan for Elijah (and his entourage - mommy, daddy, Davin, and Grandma & Grandpa).

It all started last year when Val phoned Peter to ask if she could bring our train-addicted son down to the station to watch a train come in. Peter said that would be fine - but why not just go on the train to Whistler?

Elijah was in 7th heaven for the whole trip, of course. There was even an extra-special box of presents from Uncle Peter himself! Wow! (Uncle Peter, your thank-you card from Elijah is coming soon)!

My favourite part was how Elijah kept telling everyone he was on "Uncle Peter's train." Maybe he thinks every 4-year-old has an Uncle with a train.

The trip was amazing, to be sure. Val and I also were treated to the world-famous Rocky Mountaineer trip back in 2001 (before we married). That trip was also compliments of a very generous "Uncle Peter."

Here's a short video clip I shot as we gaze at the Cheakamus river gorge. (Now that Nana & Big Grandpa and Grandma and Grandpa have upgraded their computers / internet connections out of the Stone Age, I can actually post this kind of stuff without them asking for a "dial up" sized version. I'd bet most 20-year olds don't even know how to use a modem or that anyone ever used the internet over a phone line! But I digress...)

Here are some other pics from the weekend:

The open-air heritage car (c. 1914) was a hit with the kids!

Treats from Uncle Peter - Elijah has worn his "Rocky Mountaineer" hat pretty much non-stop since opening the box. There was also a train whistle, stuffed bears for Elijah and Davin, a backpack for Elijah, T-shirtsfor the kids, and the list goes on ... wow Uncle Peter - you spoiled us! Thank you!!

One more movie - opening presents with Grandma (~2min).


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