Saturday, October 08, 2005

Another delve in the archives - Elijah's second birthday

May 31, 2005 - Elijah turns 2! My folks (Grandma & Grandpa) came over from Nanaimo for the day to help us celebrate. This was still in our Vancouver house, before we sold it and moved out to Langley (do I hear Val lamenting the loss in the background?). Elijah was thrilled with the presents, and Davin loved the attention from G & G.

Val made a special cake for the occasion

Opening gifts

Val's choice of a tow truck was a hit

Grandma & Davin

Friday, October 07, 2005

A milestone for Davin

Just this week our little girl has pretty much mastered the art of sitting up on her own - with the occasional gradual list that eventually sends her over unless someone comes along to prop her up again. She can now sit unassisted for several minutes if she isn't tired. Her new favourite toy is the musical ferris wheel that Grandma & Grandpa gave Elijah - it plays music and flashes lights when turned, and Davin is fascinated by it.

Makes me realize how fast she is growing up - and how quickly this phase will pass. Elijah is now able to understand that she is bigger now than he is in some of his own baby pictures - which only means our little boy is growing up too...


A while back we had Jan and Cindy stay over for two consecutive Thursdays. It turns out that their Canada World Youth camp was a stone's throw from TWU, so we were by far and away the closest friends to stay with on either end of their camp. Funny how they came all the way from Thailand and their camp was right here, next to our new home. Must have been ordained.

The kids hanging out with Jan & Cindy - just after Elijah's bathtime

Last weekend we also had our good friends Shaun & Sarah make the trek out to the burbs - much to the delight of Elijah, who really likes "Uncle Shaun." It was "Uncle Shaun this, Uncle Shaun that" for days afterwards.

A special bedtime story for Elijah, read with enthusiasm by Shaun & Sarah