Friday, May 26, 2006

A trip for the birds

Last weekend we went for an outing to the Reifel Bird Sanctuary in Ladner with Uncle Shaun & Auntie Sarah, Uncle Jason & Auntie Shannon (plus their one on-the-way!), and Jay's brother Jeff and his wife Wendy, plus their sons Caleb and Isaiah (plus their one on-the-way!). Congrats all round! Maybe Shaun & Sarah should join the club ... (hey, don't look at us, we've got two already)! :o)

The kids had a great time. After the outing we overwhelmed the staff at the local Ricky's - all of us went, except the brothers Elliott took off for sushi (!) leaving the rest of us to handle the kids, who did remakably well for being ravenous and tired (it was about 2pm before we got there).

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The best-fed ducks in all of Ladner - yes, the guys were scheming on how to pilfer one...

Davin's toes being tickled by a nibbling mallard hen.

This shot was a winner! In case you are curious, Shaun's T-shirt says "I'm multi-talented: I can talk and annoy you at the same time!" Do you think it was a gift from Sarah? :o)

Bye for now!

Monday, May 22, 2006

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Hi everyone,

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Friday, May 05, 2006

A weekend in Nanaimo

This past weekend we were over in Nanaimo with my folks. The weather was beautiful and the kids enjoyed themselves immensely (as did we). Elijah & Davin slept in the same room, a novelty they seemed to enjoy as well - Davin would fuss until Elijah came in - whereupon she would smile and settle down for the night.

Here are some pics for your enjoyment!

Davin at the beach

Limitless rocks, limitless water...

Fun with Grandma

... and with Grandpa

Elijah loved this horsey too when he was Davin's age

A rare family shot - not exactly studio quality, as there was a toddler involved...

No, there's nothing wrong with the digital camera- these are pinhole photographs taken with a homemade pinhole camera. April 30th was World Pinhole Photography Day, and I submitted this photo of Grandma & Elijah to the online WPPD gallery. If you are interested, I have another blog devoted solely to pinhole photography here.